LevelUp4 the Arts

“Art is about building a new foundation,
not just laying something on top of what’s already there.” ~Prince


GossSml The Goss-Michael Foundation promotes a strong and focused educational program aimed at high school, university, and continuing education for students and educators alike.

JazzSml The Jazz Foundation of America offers a variety of programs and assistance for jazz and blues musicians in need.

JoffSml The Joffrey Ballet, who was given permission to use Prince’s music for their production “Billboards” in order to bring in a younger, more diverse audience while raising much needed funds.

RockSml Little Kids Rock provides under-served children access to music and musical instruments at no cost to their local school district. In 2013, a tribute concert was given in Prince’s name at Carnegie Hall in New Yprk City as a thank you to him. This concert raised much needed funds for the organization.

UDASml The Uptown Dance Academy teaches all aspects of dance to urban youth. Prince generously donated $250k to keep the Academy alive and thriving.