LevelUp4 Education

“Real renegades don’t invite grenades 2 make the grade
This is a brain raid – who rise above the lies.” ~Prince

BeaSml  Bea’s Kids provides educational and personal development programs to children from low-income families so they will stay in school and break the cycle of poverty.

CircleSml  Circle Of Discipline provides alternative programs to youth that encourage spiritual, physical, and emotional growth and balance.

DigSml  Digital Sistas  was created to promote and provide technology education and enrichment for women and children who are traditionally under served.

EastSml  East Harlem School at Exodus House challenges students to develop a balanced physical, moral, and intellectual strength that they will use to adapt to change – and for the final purpose of creating and sharing lives of deep meaning, dynamic actions, and transcendent joy.

HarlemSml  The Harlem Children’s Zone helping to break the cycle of poverty. In 2011, Prince gave $1m to this organization.

HarvestSml  The Harvest Prep and Seed Academy charter school supports academic achievement and preparation for college and community. Prince donated $200k so this group could renovate an unused nursing home into a first rate community school.

GauSml  Gallaudet University for deaf and blind students is a primary resource for all things related to deaf people, including educational and career opportunities, open communication, and visual learning.

GdrdSml The Goddard School provides children with programs that ensure they have fun while learning and building the skills they need for long-term success in school and in life.

LouSml The Louisville Free Public Library goal is to provide Metro Louisville with the broadest possible access to knowledge, ideas, and information while supporting their pursuit of learning.

SabSml  Sabathani Community Center is based in the former Bryant Junior High School providing a safe learning environment for all ages.

YesSml  The #YesWeCode initiative provides education in technology for underserved children and teens. Prince’s decision to launch YesWeCode.org was a part of his faith that young people, blessed with the right spirit and given the right tools, could change the world for the better.