"Our record stands tall, you know. Give us time and love will show. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello." ~Prince

Welcome Home, Class

Welcome to LevelUp4Love.

The inspiration for this website was drawn from watching this segment of Dr. Drew, filmed on the evening of Prince’s death. His panel of guests discussed not only the variety of charitable causes that Prince supported, but how Prince constantly pushed himself and friends to Level Up by committing to self-improvement and bettering other people’s lives.

We were inspired by the love Prince had for others, so we decided to call the site LevelUp4Love.

Watch the segment and think about how you will LevelUp.  Manifesting this intention and energy can come in many forms… donating, volunteering, giving, sharing. How will you LevelUp?

Our mission for this site is to provide Prince fans an opportunity to continue his quiet legacy of giving to charities and organizations.  We have grouped these charities in the menu according to theme… LevelUp4TheArts, LevelUp4Eduation, LevelUp4Creatures, LevelUp4Justice, LevelUp4HealthAndSpirit, and LevelUp4Community.

We have also included links to charities supported and/or started by his friends and former bandmates under LevelUp4Friends.

We encourage you to fully research any charity or foundation before donating.

This site is for informational purposes only and was conceived by two fans who want to persuade everyone to LevelUp in Prince’s memory while helping organizations that foster growth and awareness across the country.

In no way do we receive any monies or promotional gifts for this site. We do not process any donations.  We only furnish information in the form of charity names and web site addresses.

We built this site to honor the commitment Prince showed toward those who were most vulnerable, with the intention to continue his legacy of generosity.  It’s up to YOU as to how and who you will support.

Thank you for visiting and thank you for continuing to contribute to your local and global communities.

“We need love & honesty, peace & harmony.”  ~ Prince